LONDON - Old Street

Queen wild west
Lamentations 2010
As grave as the imagined as frivolous as the eternal / A space before the realms of reason / Eyes that look close at wounds themselves are wounded / I know beauty throught fear / The distillation of all torments within a single torment / Mine heart is turned within me  
Shields I-VI / Rachel Kneebone / exhibition at the White Cube gallery (white ceramics)
The Anatomy of Loss "The anagram is the key to all my work. The body is like a sentence that invites us to rearrange it." Hans Bellmer
Wall-painting from BLU, in Camdem.
They're more punker than you.
To have and to hold - fanzine - issue 2
"They were living in Tokyo, taking drugs and losing their minds. Sha was a former girl who had started working as a prostitute. He spent his time teaching English and browsing late night art bookshops and music stores. His truths sounded too banal to be trusted.
Irrational jealousy took over. He would wake up with her stubbing cigarettes out on his arms. She was convinced he was cheating on her in his dreams. He thought she was going to kill him and became terrified to fall asleep.
He fled back to England. She followed. They tried again to make it work but it was too far gone. She returned to Japan and wrote him a letter, delusional and paranoid. Shortly afterwards she was sectioned in a psychiatric clinic in Tokyo. He never heard from her again. He keeps her letter in a black box in his living room. He's been having violent dreams and restless nights ever since."
© Chavanitas & Elodie Mercier