LONDON - Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern
ArtBeat London
John Madejski Garden
The V&A has commissioned artist Mat Collishaw to animate the Museum's architecture with a work of haunting beauty. A monumental zoetrope - the cylindrical device first designed in 1834 to project a rapid succession of images to simulate motion - is the result. Magic Lantern transforms the Museum's edifice into a beacon of light, brought to life by fluttering moths visible from dusk each evening. Exploiting the theme of enchantment to the full, Collishaw plays with scale, much like Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by grabbing the attention of South Kensington passers-by with his monumental fluttering moths in the Museum's uppermost dome, the crown cupola.
This commission is accompanied by a smaller replica zoetrope which will animate the John Madejski Garden during the day, allowing a close-up view of the enchanting motion of moths in flight. (ci-dessus)
Dessins improvisés pour Dorothée. Galerie ArtBeat London. (ci-dessous)
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