WOMEN'S TOUCH - International Streaming Festival, The Hague

Women's touch
International Streaming Festival / The Hague.

Women’s Touch - 5th edition
This program tries to give an overview the meaning of being a woman in the contemporary society and open a new era in the female video art scene. It variates from current typical women’s issues as ’loosing weight’, beauty and love to contemporary or political topics like war and violence against women and immigration.  Find here part of the selection.
Women in War - Evelin Stermitz 
This video work came into being during a research on the tag women on YouTube, and through this finding stereotyped videos with womens images entitled like Most Beautiful Women, Famous Sexy Women, and so forth. By re-editing the found videos and underlaying the material with sounds from reports on women in war and violence against women, the final video became a strange subversion of womens media images and the woman as a commodified object becomes obvious. The video is split between womens images in media and the sound of the real, to break with a world of male illusions and enter the field of male transgression. Women in War is a metaphor for womens images in the media war and real war. 
Plus jamais...! - Charlotte Cornaton
Projet vidéo réalisé à l'initiative de Michèle Chast, contre la violence faite aux femmes à travers le monde. Métaphore des femmes sculptures noires et blanches qui composent la terre, éclaboussées par le sang puis lavées par une pluie de lames ; elles dansent et cicatrisent, mais reste cependant scarifiées par les marques de la vie.

Naked - Kika Nicolela
The city lights writing over the naked skin. 

Tonight - Jorinna Scherler
Based on an excerpt from Dantes Divine Comedy, Paradiso/Canto II:
It seemed to me a cloud encompassed us,
  // Luminous, dense, consolidate and bright
  // As adamant on which the sun is striking. // Into itself did the eternal pearl
  // Receive us, even as water doth receive
  // A ray of light, remaining still unbroken. 
 Exile in paranoia - Nassrin Nassner 
The consequences of geopolitical conflicts can alter our personal life and restrict our choices. As an Iranian, I found myself highly bound by immigration restrictions due to political issues between Iran and the Super Powers. This project represents my personal perception of these consequences.
The metaphorical story addresses the obstacles an immigrant confronts through out her journey. The events are illustrated from her emotional perspective; her sense of security is tied with the possession of her passport which is a fragile situation frequently threatened by official and non-official types of authority. Her journey resembles a continual nightmare, a fusion between dream and reality.