LONDON - Justice

London Calling
Don't talk down to me.

Don't talk down to me
"Don't be polite to me. Don't try to make me feel nice. Don't relax. I'll cut the smile out of your face. You think I don't know what's going on. You think I'm afraid to react. The joke's on you. I'm biding my time, looking for the spot. You think no one can reach you, no one can have what you have. I'v...e been planning while you're playing. I've been saving while you're spending. The game is almost over so it's time to acknomledge me. Do you want to fall not ever knowing who took you ? " Jenny Holzer

Rough Trade began trading in 1976 at 202 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill. Originally specialising in US and Jamaican imports, it soon became one of the leading outlets for the burgeoning punk scene, and subsequently a pilgrimage point for anyone buying or selling new DIY new wave music and fanzines. In 1978, Rough Trade Records was born. The first release was Paris Marquis by Metal Urbain, soon to be followed with releases by Stiff Little Fingers, Swell Maps, The Raincoats, Cabaret Voltaire...
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