ILIKEMYSTYLE #1 - Publication

Girl meets girl
ILikeMyStyle Quaterly #1

Flemish paintings, and the power of jean shorts
They live in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires and they've never met. During their blind dates via Skype, e-mail, IM, or even telephone, the girls talked about unicorns, Flemish paintings, and the power of jean shorts.
Foie gras and wheatgrasS JUice, smokiNG and non-smoking
Charlotte Cornaton (usename: chavanitas) from Paris
Heike Bluemner (username: Heike) from Berlin
H. Sorry. I am a bit detached. My daughter just threw up. Not very fashionable, I guess. Tell me how Charlotte became Chavanitas.
C. Well, I've been obsessed with vanitas-the representation of the skull in Flemish painting-for about four years. Then I started my blog where the idea is to take a picture of myself everyday to show how time flies---a reference to Roman Opalka's work. And my friends call me Cha, so I mixed both. I also did my graduation thesis about contemporary vanitas.
H. Tell me a bit about vanitas paintings.
C. They are still lives that represent time flying (transience) through different symbols, a skull being the main one.
H. It's interesting that you post a photo of yourself on the blog every day and you're thinking about time flying. Actually, I am writing a book, which will come out next year, about the subjectivity of time passing. Also, I am turning 40 next week-which doesn't worry or upset me-but together with the subject of the book, I suddenly think about time passing all the time.
C. Really ? Tell me more about this subjectivity.
H. It seems that the speed of time picks up the older you get, but it also depends on what you do. The more routine you have, the faster time flies. Anyway--so how long have you been posting the daily photos and what
do you see in them?
C. Well, it's been a year and a half, so I can't really detect huge changes yet. It is more about the way I get dressed --reflecting what I am doing at the moment. So far, I would say this project is more characteristic of my way of life and how clothes can measure time.
H. How long have you been planning to do this ? I just looked at a site where a Brezilian family took a photo before the same background for 30 to 40 years. That's amazing and scary at the same time.
C. I am planning to do this for at least 10 years and hope even more. I'm interested in the changes in time with regards to different progressions of life that you are supposed be at in our society.
H. In which way can clothes interfere with time ?
C. I am graphic designer, so i try to dress up according to what I am going to do in a given day : If I am going to do something related to interactive video-for example- I would wear a dress with pixels. I am a c
eramist artist as well, so another way my clothes reflect what I am doing is when they're full of plaster from working. And when I am doing a road trip like I did this summer on Route 66, I try to fit the hippie kind of style that goes with that.
H. So, if I follow you, I can read what you are doing from your clothes.
C. Yes, kind of. I try to havea theme.
H. When I looked at your pictures on ilikemystyle, I though they were the perfect mix of two things that you never think of together. French and Californian. It is not an obvious connection. it's foie gras and wheatgrass juice, smoking and non-smoking.

© Chavanitas & Alexandra Perrin